Friday Night Cocktails: Planter's Punch

If you've spent time in Provincetown, MA then chances are good you've had a Planter's Punch; the popular drink served at the Boatslip Resort's afternoon Tea Dance.  It's the type of place where a drink is mixed and poured for you by someone whose name tag simply reads "GOGO," as was my experience on a recent visit.  This cocktail is a rum punch in no uncertain terms and this particular recipe was probably devised sometime in the 1970's (a murky period in mixology).  But, what this drink may lack in sophistication it makes up for in taste and potency.  The Boatslip's crowning touch is to pour Bacardi 151 (as in 151 proof!) down the straw.  The first sip is lethal and these go down dangerously easy due to their fruit juice content.  This is a drink to have on vacation when driving is not involved and you have no plans for the next day. There is nothing better to sip after a day in the sun while watching the sun set over the bay.  Soundtrack suggestions to recreate the Boatslip's atmosphere while imbibing: Yacht Rock, Solid Gold Hits, Deborah Cox.

Planter's Punch

Fill a cheap and disposable plastic cup with ice.  Add equal parts silver/white rum and spiced rum, equal parts orange juice and pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine.  Garnish with what's known in the bartending world as a "flag" (maraschino cherry + orange slice).  Finally, add a drinking straw to the mix and without too much fuss pour the Bacardi 151 down the straw as best you can.  DRINK SLOWLY.