Friday Night Cocktails: Aperol Spritz

If you've never tasted Aperol you can think of it as the less bitter, less alcoholic little sister of the other Italian aperatifs like Campari and Cynar.  It's the perfect drink for late summer because when added to a glass of prosecco or club soda and garnished with an orange wheel it takes on the appearance of the summer sun in liquid form.  Refreshing, beautiful, perfect, much like summer itself.  **Fun trick: For maximum optical pizazz, freeze Aperol in ice cubes and add to glasses of sparkling wine or sparkling water.

Aperol Spritz

Fill a wine glass with ice, top with 2 oz Prosecco, 1&1/4 oz Aperol, and a splash of soda water.  Garnish with an orange slice. Watch the sun set in your glass.