Green Color Story. Day 3 in the dunes. Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

The sky today is that vibrating blue that seems to come toward you rather than recede.  It’s the type of blue sky that only happens in September.  The temperature though feels more like mid August than mid September.  I ask nearby dune dweller, Peter Clemons, if this is normal and he assures me there is no such thing as normal weather in this environment.  I haven’t had to use the wood-burning stove once.  Most nights I don’t even sleep with a sheet.   This afternoon I make use of the outdoor shower (see picture).  This system consists of a large, blue, plastic drum that sits on the roof of the “garage” of the shack where it collects rainwater from the gutter. Attached to its base is a hose that snakes down the slope of the roof where the sun’s rays warm it to the point of being almost scalding on a sunny day.  The shower feels fantastic, and its phenomenal to be free of sand even though I know this sand-free state will only be a fleeting one.

In a past life I worked in New York City designing rugs for the Stephanie Odegard Collection.  The philosophy there was that rugs were akin to paintings for the floor. Since arriving here I’ve been seeing inspiration for rug designs everywhere.  There is a scrubby, ground-covering plant that is the most beautiful milky jade color.  It appears almost like a carpet on top of the sand floor surrounding the shack and it takes on so many different colors throughout the shifting light of the day.  There is so much color to observe here, and I spend many minutes of the day just staring at the blue shadows the dunes cast.  The shadows are not gray or black or dusky in any way.  They are a strong and solid blue, and like the sky, they vibrate.

I spend the afternoon painting. I’ve begun an oil painting based on the watercolor studies I did yesterday of the boat on the bay. My attention though is diverted at times by the urge to photograph my surroundings and the interior of the shack.  

Today is the first day that I was able to watch both the sunrise and sunset from the high dune behind the shack.  Its startling to me when I realize I’ve never done both these things in the same day before in all the years I’ve been on this Earth.  I resolve to do it more and to start waking up earlier when I return to my real life.  This is not the first resolution I make here, and I know it won’t be the last.