Painting En Plein Air in Provincetown

It's important for me to remember that the perfect antidote to any stasis or ennui in the studio is almost always a trip outdoors - paint sets, paper, and brushes in tow.  In a last minute decision, I packed a bag and made the drive to Provincetown for a 3-day outdoor painting excursion.  I had a fantastic time (though it would be hard not to on the Cape in August), and I couldn't have been happier or more content while painting Taves Boat Yard and some of the other local buildings.

Painting en plein air (in the open air) is always a challenge at first, but within the sand, wind, and sun lies the magic of the experience.  It forced me to abandon the tight manners I can at times slip into while working within the confines of my city studio, and allowed for more relaxed expression.  I used water from the bay to lay down washes and mix colors.  Now that I'm back in my studio in New York, the paintings still smell like the sea.