Lyman-Eyer Gallery Opening Reception

Photo taken at the opening reception for my watercolor series, "Remembering Now," at the Lyman-Eyer Gallery in Provincetown, MA.  The weather made for a quintessential Cape Cod night that was perfect for taking in the many art openings in town that night.  My artist statement for the series: 

"Remembering Now"

The past is often described as being “behind” us.  Most of us, however, recognize this to be a quaint idea or futile hope, not an actual truth.  In reality, the past resides at a place that is perpetually adjacent to us.  It exists side by side with our present life.  We may try to keep the past at bay, but it remains next to us, running alongside us into the future. 

The experiences of my past and their effects on my present life inspired this new series of watercolor paintings, titled “Remembering Now.”  Similar to a movie still, each watercolor depicts a moment of life – paused and then distorted by memory.  The locations become confused, timing misremembered, relationships romanticized, and the bad parts glossed over:  the way we really remember.