Feeling the Heat / Herring Cove Bathhouse

Feeling the Heat / Herring Cove Bath House

Purchase and inquiries can be made through Lyman-Eyer Gallery, Provincetown, MA

A note on this painting:

The Herring Cove Beach bathhouse depicted in this painting doesn't have long for this world. Plans for a new facility have been designed and approved and construction is set to begin this fall. I find myself frequently drawn to mid-century architecture and in particular, beach architecture. In 2004, I painted the bathhouse at Horseneck Beach in Westport, MA, shortly before that too was torn down in favor of a newer, more efficient facility. I am happy to document and provide record of the existence of these structures. They are memorable for their design, indicative of a very different time than the one we live in today, but also for the stark contrast in scenery they provide, their man-made geometry bold against the minimal ocean backdrop.