racehorse watercolors

I painted these in 2009 using an experimental process of watercolor and ink on canvas designed specifically for watercolor. For a long time I've wanted to make watercolors on a larger scale, and these canvases measuring 2' x 3' feet are a step in that direction.

These are two different horses I observed in the paddock at Saratoga Racecourse. The paddock is where the horses get saddled up before their race. Every race goer seems to have their own unique betting formula, but I seem to have the most luck when I'm placing bets after hanging out around the paddock and watching the horses just before their run. Their demeanor right before a race can tell you a lot about how they will perform. While some appear anxious, and others are proud, the two I painted just seemed oblivious to it all.

Watercolor/Ink on archival canvas
For sale, please inquire for pricing via email.